FJR1 Paratrooper grouping, Holland, Crete, Italy Monte Casino, German cross winner!!!

FJR1 Paratrooper grouping, Holland, Crete, Italy Monte Casino, German cross winner!!!

FJR1 Paratrooper grouping, Holland, Crete, Italy Monte Casino, German cross winner!!!

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Paratrooper grouping to Feldwebel Franz Glatt,  member of the 5./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1 (Führer Reserve). Glatt started in 1939 with the SA "Feldherrnhall" and was shortly after transferred to the Luftwaffe FJ unit. Glatt was one of the first paratrooper to jump in Holland on 10 May 1940 and take in the airfield of Waalhaven. Later on May 1941 jumped on Iraclion in Crete and also received several combat days on locations in the area. On 20.9.41 he was sent to Leningrad and Orianienbaum. Here on 22.10.41 he was wounded and send to France for revalidation. After almost 7 months in France as occupation unit (Luftlotte 3) he was placed back into combat positions in the far East on 17.10.42. Glatt fought with Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1 under Heeresgruppe Mitte in the Orel area for over 4 months. He was now sent again to France for a few months. On 10.9.43 the rest was finished and Glatt was sent to the Italian front. Glatt saw action in Salerno, Ortona, the three battles of Monte Casino, Adria region, il Vegollo, il Paggio, Castle Maggiore, Finale, St. Martino... and got wounded 4 times! On 1.1.45 Glatt was promoted to Leutnant. 14.4.45 Glatt was wounded once again by a shrapnel in the arm. He stayed until his last days fighting in Italy. For his Italian campaign he received the golden wound badge and the German Cross in Gold which were later entered in the Wehrpass. 

The groups consists of the following items:

1) Wehrpass of Glatt, all pages intact, all battles and all awards written inside. Original photo of Glatt and very detailed battle calendar. Extremely rare and exceptional piece. WP comes in its original imitation leather holder. 

2) Jump license and Luftwaffe license when he was based in France.

3) 12 original private photos of Glatt

4) Wounded carrier License 20.XII 1944

5) Award documents:

- Paratrooper badge

- Iron Cross 2nd class, awarded at "Twede Tol" on 22 May 1940 after the invasion of Holland ("Festung Holland") and in particular the airfield of Waalhaven.

- Ground Assault Badge calendar with 5 assault days (2 in Holland and 3 in Crete)

- Ground Assault Badge. Document is slightly damaged on the side, a small piece has been cut out. 

- Kreta cufftile

- Iron Cross 1st class on 3.2.1942 signed by Student

- Close combat clasp calendar

- Wound badge in black 15.1.42

-German Cross in Gold award document

6) Awards:

- Iron Cross 2nd class

- Paratrooper badge by P. Meybauer

- Wound badge in black

- Ground Assault badge by G. Brehmer, catch broke off

- German cross in gold, name scratched in the reverse

- Kreta cufftitle

- Iron Cross 1st class by P. Meybauer marked 7 on the pin. 

The best paratrooper combat group we have had in a very long time! Exceptional group!!!!!!!!